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Welcome to our website.

In today's world creating and hosting a website has been made quite simple. You see plenty of offers to set up and host your new website. Unfortunately it does not end there. We feel it's important that you keep your new website active and ever changing to attract visitors. Our goal in building a website is also in building value for our customer.

Our primary focus is on Community Associations with Board of Directors and property Management companies in charge of keeping owners informed of decisions made. With our service the association owning the domain name. This is unique as now the website will survive changes in board members, property management companies and webmaster services and remains an asset to the community.

Our services include:

  • Create, host, maintain and support your dedicated Community website
  • Unlimited posting to website
  • Email blast service
  • On Line Proxy service
  • Ability to sign and submit Applications Forms on line
  • Custom On Line Survey
  • Custom On Line Forms

As a former President and CEO, it was apparent that success was guaranteed when we focused not on customer service but on satisfaction. Giving customers exactly what they want, with an understanding of their need, remains key in any successful business relationship.

We have "hands on experience" as a Board President and Treasurer that brings unique insight and value to our service.

Our reputation rests on a steadfast pursuit of customer satisfaction. When you decide to work with us,  we encourage you to compare us, as we do, to competitive services in the area of response time, price and all around customer satisfaction. 

Mike Shields, Sr.



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