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The  process of having a dedicated web site is straight forward.  We offer the following as a check list that utilizes an incremental approach. You are of course involved in each step of the process.

Domain Name
Your Domain name gives your web site identity and become the address of the site once it is on the World Wide Web. Quite often desired names are taken but also quite often a name can be acquired if you consider a .info, .net or .org extension. In any case we will assist you in acquiring your domain name. Of most importance is your community owns the domain name. Insuring that your website survives Board Member, property management and webmaster changes. In the case you decide to move to another webmaster or arrangement we will assist you in the transfer.

Create New web site
Our approach is to use templates that have been tested over time and proven to be reliable.

Hosting to the world wide web
Once your site has been created and edited it is then ready to be "uploaded" to a hosting platform so it can be accessed on the Internet. While your site is in development you will be able to view progress.

Webmaster Service and Support
It is my strong opinion that a website should change frequently to keep it interesting, accurate and current. New information is sent to us via email and your site is updated typically within 24-48 hours. You will be notified once the change has been made via email.

Email Blast notifications
Part of the service is to send email blasts on behalf of the Board of Directors or property management company. This service identifies which emails are active and those that aren't. It will also let you know which emails have been opened.

On Line Proxy
You will have the ability to send an email to owners with a link to an online proxy they will be able to sign and submit online. For more information visit www.digitalprox.com

  On Survey Forms
You will have the ability to create custom on line survey forms. These forms can be posted on your website or included in a dedicated email blast to reach out to owners and allow them to submit their preferences on important issues. Click here for more information

On Line Forms
You will have the ability to post online forms on your site. Owners will be able to fill in the form and submit the information directly to the property manager.


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